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Adjustment to Federal Yellow Paint Policy


Until recently, TxDOT policy required all heavy equipment to be painted in the standard ‘Federal Yellow.' This color requirement created excessive delivery delays at a facility separate from the equipment manufacturer.

In the end, it resulted in a less durable paint job and cost TxDOT on average $7,710 per piece of heavy equipment.


During a tour of the fleet facility in July 2012, a regional fleet manager brought the issue up to the Deputy Executive Director, Chief Strategy and Administrative Officer, Scott Leonard. TxDOT adjusted the long-standing ‘Federal Yellow’ policy and now only requires vendors to paint heavy equipment yellow. There is no requirement to use Federal Yellow unless the vendor does not provide a standard yellow option.

Cost Savings

This policy adjustment was put in place in July-2012 and has already resulted in $98,000 in captured cost savings, with an additional $2.1 million in identified cost savings moving forward as we continue to replace heavy equipment in Fiscal Year 2013.

Aside from the clear cost savings, this policy adjustment has also shortened the lead time to get these critical pieces of equipment into the field by an average of 30 days.