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Pricing Rumble Strips


TxDOT recently launched a new initiative to foster safety in work zones during lane closures. TxDOT crews and contractors are now required to use portable rumble strips in certain temporary lane closure situations.


The rollout of this new initiative required early and active collaboration both internally across TxDOT offices and with our partners at the Comptroller of Public Accounts. This coordination allowed TxDOT to procure the right type and quantity of rumble strips and to negotiate a more cost-effective rumble strip price.

Cost Savings

TxDOT partnered with the Comptroller of Public Accounts to negotiate a lower rumble strip cost, a reduction of $22 per rumble strip, saving TxDOT $247,104. This is a great example of how TxDOT is working collaboratively to bring about the right, cost-effective solutions to our work as a standard practice.