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Managed Print Services


Previously, TxDOT used a decentralized approach to buy printers. Individual offices selected devices and vendors. As a result, there was no consolidation of vendors and a proliferation of individual devices.


TxDOT recently launched a new print services strategy and is using a managed print services contract to consolidate all printer purchases and service with a single vendor. As a part of this initiative, the vendor will provide an optimization study that will determine the most efficient device "footprint" for each of TxDOT’s buildings department-wide.

This study is expected to translate to fewer individual devices and more shared devices, for an overall reduction in the number of printers and service required.

Cost Savings

TxDOT has initially identified $1.6 million in cost savings annually. This is driven by improved pricing on devices, service and support supplies. The new print services strategy was launched in March 2013 with a phased roll-out across the department through July 2013.

In additional to the cost savings, this new strategy better aligns TxDOT's print services to TxDOT's sustainability goals.