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Below are case studies of TxDOT cost savings. The latest cost savings achievements are available for your review.

Title Description Savings/
Anticipated Savings
Synthetic Oil Use Synthetic Oil UseThe TxDOT fleet is switching from re-refined conventional oil to synthetic oil, which lasts longer.
$1.4 million annually Maintenance
Adjusted IH-45 Roadway Maintenance Strategy Adjusted IH-45 Roadway Maintenance StrategyIH-45 roadway maintenance in Houston was privatized via a performance-based maintenance contract, saving TxDOT millions over five years.
$25.6 million over five years Maintenance
Leveraged Improved Credit Rating/Market Conditions to Refinance Bonds Leveraged Improved Credit Rating/Market Conditions to Refinance BondsTxDOT leveraged improved credit ratings and favorable market conditions to refinance $810.3 million of outstanding debt used to fund the Central Texas Turnpike System (CTTS) around Austin.
$200 million (over the life of the bonds) Finance
Use of Design-Build Strategies
Use of Design-Build StrategiesThe $1.1 billion DFW Connector project in Grapevine will be substantially completed in summer 2013 after four years, instead of the eight- to 10-year original estimate. Contracting with one developer to integrate design and construction offered the flexibility of design adjustments during the construction phase.

The Design-Build approach also eliminated the time-consuming step of bidding and contracting the construction phase after the design is complete.

4-6 years in construction time Construction
Adjustment to Federal Yellow Paint Policy
Adjustment to Federal Yellow Paint PolicyDalton Pratt, a regional fleet manager in TxDOT's North Region Office, identified $2 million in cost savings by suggesting TxDOT stop using a special color of paint called Federal Yellow for its heavy equipment fleet.

$2 million annually Fleet