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Bid Recording Report Solicitations - Bid Tabs FY 2014

The table below contains FY 2014 bids for services, equipment and products in bulk.

Open Date Solicitation No. Description Format
08/29/14 B442014030656000 Asbestos Services (Not Consulting)
08/28/14 Q442014045387000 Parts and Accessories, Compactors
08/22/14 Q442014039307000 Hosting Services, Web Site
08/15/14 Q442014032392000 Electronic Bidding System Solutions
08/08/14 Q442014038476000 Access Control Systems and Security Systems
08/08/14 Q442014038472000 Access Control Systems and Security Systems
08/08/14 Q442014038473000 Access Control Systems and Security Systems
08/08/14 Q442014038474000 Access Control Systems and Security Systems
08/07/14 Q442014037723000 Homogenizer Disintegrator/Mixer
07/22/14 B442014039131000 Business Analysis Services
07/07/14 Q442014037626000 Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Equipment and Supplies for the Texarkana Travel Information Center
07/03/14 B442014037722000 Fixtures, Lighting, Indoor, LED
07/02/14 Q442014032198000 Pavement Testing and Data Collection Equipment
06/25/14 B442014025915000 Electrical Maintenance and Repairs
05/19/14 Q442014030832000 Software, Microcomputer
05/19/14 B332014018563000 Lane Closures for Traffic Control
05/19/14 B332014018563000 Lane Closures for Traffic Control
04/15/14 Q442014025403000 Software, Microcomputer, Subscriptions
04/04/14 B442014018380000 Real Estate Brokerage Services
03/21/14 Q442014016126000 Applications, Mobile Devices
03/12/14 Q442014021742000 Maintenance and Technical Support, Customer Service Center Software
02/28/14 B332014011534000 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
02/26/14 B442014015200000 Credit Cards, Gift
02/21/14 B442014018115000 Public Awareness Program(s)
02/19/14 B442014013457000 Development, Course, Soils and Flexible Base Properties Specialist
02/18/14 B442014006020000 Rental or Lease, Offset Printing Press
01/24/14 Q442014010621000 Survey, Traffic, Workplace and Special Generator Travel
01/03/14 B442013026021000 Advertising Services, Promotional Aviation Chart
12/30/13 B442014008755000 Business Analysis Services
12/12/13 B442014008852000 Collection and Removal of Compostable Materials
11/22/13 Q442014008617000 Software, Microcomputer, Project Management
10/28/13 Q442014002463000 Maintenance and Repair, Platesetter Equipment
10/25/13 Q442014004403000 Online Subscriptions
10/11/13 B442013046446000 Garbage/Trash Container Removal and Disposal
10/11/13 B442013048865000 Carpentry Services
09/27/13 B442013040877000 Online Traffic Data Collection
09/24/13 Q442014000968000 Support and Update Services
09/09/13 B332013040410000 Traffic Control