Shop Drawings - Field Change Order

Fabrication Branch reviewers use Plans Online as their primary source for contract plan reference.

Field Change Order details are not generally available on Plans Online by the time review submittals are being processed. As a result, the Design Engineer must do the following:

  • Forward bridge component revision sheets to the Fabrication Branch to ensure timely and accurate reviews.
  • Immediately forward to the shop plan reviewer any structural changes that the Engineer of Record wants incorporated in the fabrication item but which are not significant enough to warrant a change order.

Send an email message to any of the Shop Plan Review Contacts containing the following information :

  • District
  • County
  • Highway
  • CSJ
  • Project number
  • Structure name
  • Letting date
  • Contractor and fabricator names
  • Brief description of the changes
  • List of the affected components
  • Attach the .dgn, .pdf or .tif files of the revised sheets to the email

This information will be added to a shop plan database and will help improve review times by reducing submission cycles.

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