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Material Producer List

The files below contain TxDOT-approved products and materials from various manufacturers and producers. Each file may contain the following information:

  • Products
  • Materials
  • Producers
  • Manufacturers
  • Producer Codes

Additional information may appear as the subject warrants. In some cases, archived files are available. Note: You may need to clear your cache and Internet history to view the most recent documents.

Title Date PDF
Aggregates (Bituminous Rated Source Quality Catalog) 07/24/15
Aggregates (Concrete Rated Source Quality Catalog) 07/24/15
Aggregates (Concrete Aggregates Excluded from Option 7 ASR Mitigation) 04/10
Aggregates (Concrete Aggregates Excluded from Option 8 ASR Mitigation) 04/10
Asphalt Release Agents 07/14/15
Asphaltic Concrete Patching Material (Stockpile Storage or Bagged)
Asphaltic Concrete Patching Material, Rapid-Curing (Containerized) 11/10/14
Barrier Reflectors 08/10/15
Biaxial Geogrid for Environmental Cracking 04/29/15
Bituminous Marker Adhesive 01/09/15
Bridge Bearings (Elastomeric) 07/13/15
Cementitious Grouts and Mortars for Miscellaneous Applications 12/19/14
Chemical Admixtures for Concrete 09/03/15
Commercial Laboratories Certified for ASTM C 1260/1567 Test Methods 11/20/14
Compliant Work Zone Traffic Control Device List
Compost 09/14/10
Concrete Curing Compound (Liquid Membrane-Forming) 10/09/15
Concrete Evaporation Retardants 11/12/14
Concrete Repair Materials 02/24/15
Concrete Surface Finishes 10/02/13
Concrete Traffic Barrier Fabricators (DMS-7350 Multi-Project) 12/05/14
Crack Sealer (Rubber Asphalt) 01/09/15
Crashworthy Small Roadside Sign Supports 11/30/12
De-Icer/Anti-Icer 10/19/10
Detectable Warning Material 07/28/14
Epoxies and Adhesives 11/19/15
Epoxy Applicators for Reinforcing Steel 09/30/15
Epoxy Powder Coating Sources 07/30/15
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
Fiberglass Sign Substrate 11/08
Fibers for Class A and Class B Concrete Applications 08/24/15
Flexible Delineator and Object Marker Posts 06/09/15
Fly Ash 09/03/15
Galvanizing Repair Paints 04/18/14
Glass Traffic Beads 06/09/15
Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag 07/16/09
Grouts for Post-tensioning 11/19/13
Headlight Glare Screens 04/04
High Mast Illumination Pole Fabrication Plants 03/05/15
High Mast Ring and Support Assembly Fabrication Plants 03/05/15
Hydraulic Cement 09/03/15
Inertial Profilers 11/03/15
Inertial Profiler Operators 11/16/15
Intelligent Compaction Rollers 05/29/14
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Pole Fabrication Plants 07/22/15
Joint Sealers 07/01/15
Laboratories Approved to Perform Compaction and Triaxial Compression Testing 08/10/15
Laboratories Approved to Perform Tex-242-F, Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Test 11/12/15
Lime 07/17/15
Longitudinal Channelizing Mountable Curb System 05/07/13
Manhole and Inlet Fabricators (DMS-7340 Multi-Project) 08/06/14
Mechanical Couplers 05/06/14
Metal Beam Guard Fence (Composite Material Blocks and Posts) 09/01/10
Metal Beam Guard Fence (Rail Element Manufacturers) 03/27/15
Multiple Piece Tie Bar Producers 06/23/11
Nonhazardous Recycled Materials 01/15/13
Overhead Sign Support Structure Fabrication Plants 06/24/15
Paint, Anti-Graffiti 11/10/14
Paint, One Coat Overcoat 07/28/14
Paint, Silicone Resin 07/08/15
Paint Systems for Galvanized Steel 04/18/14
Paint Systems for Steel Piling 04/18/15
Paintable Caulk for Concrete and Steel 04/22/15
Paints (Structural, High Corrosion Environment) 12/30/14
Pavement Markers (All-Weather, Reflectorized, Snowplowable) 04/02/15
Pavement Markers and Traffic Buttons 07/29/15
Pavement Marking Material (Construction-Grade, Temporary) 05/10
Pavement Markings (Multipolymer) 02/04/13
Pavement Markings (Thermoplastic) 11/14/14
Pedestrian Steel Truss Bridge Span Fabricators 12/19/14
Penetrating Concrete Surface Treatments 10/29/14
Permanent Prefabricated Pavement Markings 06/09/15
Polymer Concrete 05/11/15
Polymeric Materials for Patching Spalls in Concrete Pavement 04/17/15
Precast Nonstressed Member Fabricators (DMS-7300 Multi-Project) 08/07/15
Precast Prestressed Member Fabricators (DMS-7300 Multi-Project) 07/29/15
Precast Trench Drain 09/08/15
Prime Coat Binder 08/10/14
Recycled Asphalt Shingles 09/15/14
Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Machine-Made Precast Box Culvert Fabrication Plants 01/08/14
Reinforced Fabric Joint Underseal 04/24/15
Reinforcing Steel Mills 07/20/15
Roadway Illumination and Electrical Supplies 09/30/15
Roadway Illumination Pole and Luminaire Arm Fabrication Plants 03/10/15
Rumble Strips (Transverse) 11/04/08
Sign Face Materials 11/13/15
Silt Fence, Filter Fabric and Fabric Underseal 10/23/15
Steel Bridge Fabrication Shops 07/10/15
Steel Strand, Uncoated Seven-Wire Stress-Relieved and Low Relaxation for Prestress Concrete 09/30/15
Temporary (Removable) Prefabricated Pavement Markings 08/24/11
Temporary Flexible, Reflective Roadway Marker Tabs 06/09/15
Timber Treating Plants and Suppliers 03/27/15
Traffic Paint
Traffic Signal Pole Assembly Fabrication Plants
Traffic Signals 09/21/15
Vehicle Loop Wire Sealant 03/23/15
Warm Mix Asphalt 01/23/15
Welding (Electrodes and Flux-Electrode Combinations) 11/05/15
Welding (Procedure Qualification Testing - Approved Laboratories) 04/29/09

Last updated: Nov. 20, 2015