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Electronic Bidding System

Integrated Contractor Exchange (iCX) is the new TxDOT Web-based Electronic Bidding System.

New Users

To receive an iCX administrative account, email Construction Division (Electronic Bidding).

After TxDOT sets up your administrative account, your administrator is responsible for creating additional accounts for employees bidding for your company and for changing passwords as needed. Individual email addresses will serve as unique usernames and cannot be duplicated in iCX.

The following videos related to iCX functions are available to download.

Title Description Video
For iCX Administrators: Creating and Editing iCX Accounts
Managing user accounts
For iCX Administrators: Creating and Editing iCX Accounts MP4
Bidding with iCX Loading and preparing a project for bid submission Bidding with iCX MP4
Exporting and Importing Bid Items
Using an external program with bid items' prices
Exporting and Importing Bid ItemsMP4
Working with Alternate Items
Selecting which items to bid when alternate items are present in a project
Working with Alternate Items MP4

Before submitting an electronic bid for the first time, review the current Standard Specification and Special Provisions to Item 2, "Instructions to Bidders." The specifications and provisions outline the requirements for submitting an electronic bid.

Electronic Bonding

Bidding electronically requires an electronic bid bond. Paper bid bonds and checks cannot be used as bid guaranties on electronic bids. Surety agents can facilitate account set up with one of the two electronic bond clearinghouses:

  • For Surety 2000, call (800) 660-3263
  • For Surepath, call (818) 783-3460

Note: The initial setup of the electronic bonding process can take as much as a week. Additionally, bond clearinghouse companies charge a fee for service.

Contact Us

Call (512) 416-2500 for help with the electronic bidding setup process. You may also email us.