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LBJ Express - Project History: Overview
The LBJ Express Project includes the following components:
  • Construction of managed HOV lanes on I-635 from Luna Road to the High Five including full reconstruction of I-635 from I-35E to the High Five (the I-635 West Section)
  • Construction of elevated managed HOV lane connectors along I-35E from Loop 12 to I-635 (the Loop 12/I-35E Section)
  • Adding operational improvements on the I-635 managed HOV lanes within the High Five (the I-635/US 75 interchange)

The project reflects the public's input and approval that was received through the planning and environmental evaluation process. It includes the following:

  • A roadway no higher or wider than what the public approved
  • Replacing and improving the aging existing roadway
  • Adding a continuous frontage road system
  • Adding congestion relief through the introduction of managed HOV lanes

Project Area

The LBJ Express Project is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. It's focus is the segment of the I-635 Freeway between Luna Road and Greenville Avenue and the segment of the I-35E Freeway between Loop 12 to Valwood Parkway.

Key Features

The project is considered unique because of the following features:

  • Drivers will have a choice to by-pass main lane congestion by using the managed lanes, thus improving travel times in the corridor
  • When completed, this project will have one of the most comprehensive managed HOV lane systems in the country
  • The project will be constructed using a Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) or Public Private Partnership

Managed Lanes

Managed lanes are roadways which add lane capacity to existing freeways by combining High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes and new express lanes to improve freeway efficiency. Managed HOV lanes provide options for travelers to by-pass main lane congestion through a value pricing mechanism. These include dynamic congestion pricing; half price for HOV usage during rush hours (peak operating periods) as well as other incentives.

In the case of the I-635 Corridor, drivers will have the choice to either pay a toll for the managed HOV lanes or travel for free on the general purpose lanes or frontage roads. Commuters who travel on the managed HOV lanes will benefit from faster and more reliable travel times.

Comprehensive Development Agreement

A Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) is a public-private partnership that gives transportation agencies the money, innovation and resources to build projects. In Texas, CDAs are awarded to a team of companies that may provide any combination of finance, design, construction, maintenance and operation services under TxDOT guidelines.

TxDOT, regional and local officials collaboratively agreed that TxDOT should use the CDA model as the delivery method for the I-635 Managed Lanes Project to speed up construction and encourage competition in the private sector through the best value selection process. The CDA will bring private sector innovation and financing along with a faster project delivery that will assure a timely schedule, within budget.

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