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Right of Way Improvement Sales

TxDOT routinely acquires right of way (ROW) for road expansion and new construction projects. Once all legal requirements of the purchase have been met and clear title has been secured, the department begins the process of contracting with an individual or firm to remove all structures from the parcel, such as buildings, mobile homes and trees.

The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) oversees the sale process and solicits, opens and tabulates bids, awards sales and collects payments. TxDOT's purchasing department, through TFC, handles the sale of negative improvements, in which the Department uses an outside party to remove them from property, such as structures with a foundation.

Contact your district to receive bids. Negative ROW improvement sales over $100,000 may only solicit bids from bidders registered on the state's Centralized Master Bidder's List (CMBL). In order to ensure you will receive a bid, you are encouraged to register on the CMBL under class and item numbers 910-38 and 968-66.