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2004 English Special Provisions for Yoakum - District 13 (All)

2004 English Special Provisions By District (All)
2004 English Special Provisions by Item (All)
Specification Information

SP730-007  PDF  RTF  Roadside Mowing - For project 6116-63-001, 6119-94-001, 6119-95-001, 6119-96-001, 6121-07-001, 6121-08-001, 6121-10-001, 6121-11-001, 6121-12-001, 6121-13-001, 6123-43-001, 6123-89-001, 6123-90-001, 6123-91-001, 6123-92-001, 6123-95-001, 6123-96-001, 6125-18-001, 6125-19-001, 6125-57-001, 6125-58-001, 6125-59-001, 6125-60-001, 6125-61-001, 6125-62-001 in Austin, Brown, Coleman, Collin, Colorado, Comanche, Denton, Ellis, Fayette, Gonzales, Kaufman, Lampasas, McCulloch, Mills, Navarro, San Saba, Stephens, Trinity Counties. Remove plans quantity. One-Time Use.
SP730-005  PDF  RTF  Roadside Mowing - For project 6121-59-001, 6122-27-001, 6122-38-001, 6122-59-001, 6122-60-001, 6122-61-001, 6122-62-001, 6122-63-001, 6122-64-001, 6122-65-001, 6122-66-001, 6122-67-001, 6122-68-001, 6122-69-001, 6123-85-001, 6123-86-001, 6123-87-001, 6123-93-001, 6123-94-001, 6123-97-001, 6123-98-001, 6123-99-001, 6124-00-001, 6124-01-001, 6124-05-001, 6124-06-001, 6124-07-001, 6124-08-001, 6124-09-001, 6124-10-001, 6124-11-001, 6124-12-001, 6124-13-001, 6124-14-001, 6124-15-001, 6124-16-001, 6124-17-001, 6124-52-001, 6124-54-001, 6124-55-001, 6124-56-001, 6124-97-001 in Anderson, Bandera, Bosque, Bowie, Calhoun, Cass, Cherokee, Comal, DeWitt, Gregg, Guadalupe, Harrison, Henderson, Hill, Jackson, Kendall, Kerr, Lavaca, Marion, Matagorda, McLennan, Medina, Morris, Panola, Rusk, Smith, Titus, Upshur, Van Zandt, Victoria, Wharton, Wilson, Wood Counties. Removes plans quantity. One-Time Use.
SP730-003  PDF  RTF  Roadside Mowing - Provides for pressure washing equipment to prevent the spread of branched broomrape. (Change Memo: de-79-04). Districtwide Use.
SP672-032  PDF  RTF  Raised Pavement Markers - Requires the replacement of all missing, broken or non-reflective RPMs identified during the performance period with 30 days after written acceptance. Replaces SP672-013 SP672-017 SP672-022 SP672-025 .Replaced by SP672-034 . Districtwide Use.
SP672-003  PDF  RTF  Raised Pavement Markers - Add option of adhesive material. Replaced by SP672-007 . Districtwide Use.
SP540-016  PDF  RTF  Metal Beam Guard Fence - Updates the current Yoakum Districtwide spec to meet the current Statewide version. Districtwide Use.
SP540-003  PDF  RTF  Metal Beam Guard Fence - Provides for an unique bid code for terminal anchor section (driveway). Districtwide Use.
SP510-001  PDF  RTF  One-Way Traffic Control - Assist with traffic control during maintenance operations. Districtwide Use.
SP467-001  PDF  RTF  Safety End Treatment - Furnish, construct, and install safety end treatments or replace pipe runners or pipe runner assemblies as indicated in the plans. Districtwide Use.
SP316-002  PDF  RTF  Surface Treatments - Provides for paying intersections, driveways, crossovers and/or turnouts separately from Roadway items. Districtwide Use.
SP247-014  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Adds Ride Quality (SP 247---011, statewide) to SP 247---005 (districtwide, which adds lime treatment to flexible base). Replaces SP247-005 .Replaced by SP247-030 . Districtwide Use.
SP247-013  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Adds Ride Quality (SP 247---011, statewide) to SP 247---007 (districtwide, which allows measurement for Flexible Base (Roadway Delivery) to include any cubic yard method). Replaces SP247-007 .Replaced by SP247-029 . Districtwide Use.
SP247-012  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Adds Ride Quality (SP 247---011 statewide) to SP 247---004 (districtwide which adds cement treatment to flexible base). Replaces SP247-004 .Replaced by SP247-028 . Districtwide Use.
SP247-007  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Changes Flexible Base (Roadway Delivery) measurement to by the ton or any cubic yard method. Changes Flexible Base (Roadway Delivery) payment for cubic yard measurement to be In Vehicle, In Stockpile, or In Final Position. Replaces SP247-003 .Replaced by SP247-013 . (Change Memo: de-01-97). Districtwide Use.
SP247-005  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Provides for payment of flexible base including lime and lime treatment Replaced by SP247-014 . Districtwide Use.
SP247-004  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Provides for payment of flexible base. Replaced by SP247-012 . Districtwide Use.
SP247-003  PDF  RTF  Flexible Base - Changes measurement and payment methods. Replaced by SP247-007 . Districtwide Use.
SP4013-002  PDF  RTF  Asphaltic Plug Expansion Joint System - Allows for payment of this material by the volume. Districtwide Use.

2004 English Special Provisions By District (All)
2004 English Special Provisions by Item (All)
Specification Information
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