Economic Stimulus Projects

This report provides a list of projects approved by the Texas Transportation Commission using funds available to the state under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly known as the economic stimulus package.

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District County Highway Project ID Estimate Bid Date Description
Waco Bell IH 35 001506071 $159,143,253.09 2010-04 CONSTRUCT NEW ROADWAY LANES
Houston Harris IH 10 027107242 $67,196,961.37 2010-01 WIDEN ROADWAY
Fort Worth Tarrant SH 26 036301111 $20,176,246.73 2010-07 CONSTRUCT NEW ROADWAY LANES
Fort Worth Tarrant SH 121 050402022 $161,923,134.21 2009-11 CONSTRUCT NEW TOLLROAD
Fort Worth Tarrant FM 1187 133002034 $11,763,943.75 2010-03 CONSTRUCT NEW ROADWAY LANES