Proposition 12 v2 Project Detail

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Project Summary
Project ID 050801276 TxDOT District Houston County Name Harris Funding Status Funded
Highway IH 10 Project Length 1.126 Miles Project Type Proposition 12 v2 Bid Date 2013-Sep
Work From ON ELYSIAN ST.; FROM COMMERCE ST. Low Bid Amount $34,623,242.21
Project Note This project is being developed by non-TxDOT resources. Estimates have been provided to TxDOT by these resources.
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Contact Information
TxDOT Contact Pamela Elmer, P.E. Phone: (713) 802-5646
Construction Company OHL USA, INC.
Project Construction Information
Notice to Proceed Date Work Begin Date Total Project Days Total Days Charged Percentage of Time Used Percentage of Project Complete
06/05/2014 907 0 0.00 % 11.36 %
Budget Information
Project Cost Current Estimate Amount Paid to Date
Project EngineeringProject Engineering Definition $1,696,538.87 $4,328,553.34
Construction $38,776,514.12 $916,980.85
Construction EngineeringConstruction Engineering Definition $1,384,929.69 $14,479.50
Contingency Contingency Definition $2,077,394.53
Indirect Indirect Definition $1,672,302.60
Total Cost $45,607,679.81 $5,260,013.69