2004 English Special Specifications for Amarillo - District 4 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SS8998  PDF  RTF  Radar Presence Detection Device - Furnish and install radar presence detection devices (RPDD) as shown on the plans and as detailed in this specification. Districtwide Use.
SS8008  PDF  RTF  Refurbish Raised Reflective Pavement Markers - Remove and replace the reflective faces of Plowable Reflectorized Pavement Markers Type I-A, Type I-C, Type I-R, Type II-A-A, Type II-A-R, and Type II-C-R for Item 672, ''Raised Pavement Markers''. Districtwide Use.
SS7009  PDF  RTF  Blading of Snow and Ice - Provides for snow removal equipment and operators to aid maintenance forces in snow and ice removal. Districtwide Use.

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