2004 English Special Provisions for Beaumont - District 20 (Statewide & Districtwide, Current)

SP752-001  PDF  RTF  Tree and Brush Removal - Requires use of ANSI A300 standards for tree trimming operations; remove stump removal and add stump grinding. Districtwide Use.
SP745-002  PDF  RTF  Picnic and Rest Area Maintenance - Removing supply requirement, ceiling cleaning, and pickup of animal remains; and adding required use of ANSI A300 standards for tree trimming operations. Districtwide Use.
SP734-002  PDF  RTF  Litter Removal - Remove the pickup of animal remains, increase work area to include flumes, riprap and areas under bridges; and exclude litter pickup on shoulders. Districtwide Use.
SP730-003  PDF  RTF  Roadside Mowing - Provides for pressure washing equipment to prevent the spread of branched broomrape. (Change Memo: de-79-04). Districtwide Use.

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